On the beach

Happy Gazpacho Soup Day!

Remember, it's served cold. (it's a "Red Dwarf" thing, if you haven't read the books or seen the TV series, you should)

Since arriving in Salt Run (St. Augustine) last week we have been treated to a daily show from a pod of dolphins. These gorgeous creatures keep coming around every day to feed, play, and mate. We've watched them catching fish and throw them in the air. They've also had a great time playing with our anchor ball. They will come right next to the boat, and when taking Cedar to shore in the dinghy they have come within 10 feet of us.


The top of our mast has become a hangout for some of the local raptors. During the day 6 eagles hunt in the area, often using our mast as a lookout point. Overnight, there is a humungeous owl that lands atop the mast and sits there hooting.

Last Friday we moved the boat closer to the beach and when the tide went out we sat high and dry on the beach. Kyle and I scrubbed the bottom of the boat cleaning off all the barnacles. They were particularly bad on the propellers. When the tide came back in we simply floated up and drifted back out, shortening our anchor chain to bring us back to where we had anchored. It is so awesome having a catamaran where we can just beach it like that.