As ready as we are going to be...

With Hurricane Matthew barrelling towards us, and expected to hit the coast in about 24 hours, we are battened down and secured. All our sails are down and packed away. We have 14 dock lines tying us off, and 7 fenders between us and the dock.

We are expecting the tide to come up about 1.5 meters (5 feet) over normal high tide with the storm surge.  That would put it at less than 1 meter (3 feet) from going over the bulkhead wall and flooding the area.

We are spending today securing everything inside the boat, locking cupboards, etc. to make sure things inside don't get tossed around.

We have located the local hurricane evacuation center and if we are advised by the Dockmaster to evacuate then are prepared to go there.

While power and water is expected to go out, that won't be a problem as we have our own power and water on board and are good for over a week. However if we lose internet access then won't be able to update the blog. In that case we will contact Jennifer and she will be posting any updates for us.