Waiting For The Storm

We are back at Reynolds Park, having left on Monday only to return Tuesday. Our scheduled departure was Monday morning at 11am heading to Jacksonville on Monday, Sister's Creek Tuesday, and St. Augustine on Wednesday where we would sit out the storm. The day started well and we untied 15 minutes early and headed out.  Unfortunately, about 1/2 hour before arriving in Jacksonville we had a problem develop with the port engine.  Once docked in Jacksonville we attempted (unsuccessfully) to problem solve the issue.  So we sat back and planned our next move. With the weather scheduled to turn bad on Thursday we decided to retreat back to Reynolds Park and secure the boat for the approaching storm.
It is now Thursday and it's been a quiet day with very little wind, and no waves at all. The so called, calm before the storm.  Hurricane Hermoine is about to make landfall to the west of us in a few hours, and pass north west of us... hopefully.  We are expecting tropical storm conditions where we are, beginning around 2 AM tonight, peaking before noon tomorrow. Winds about 30 knots, gusting to 50 knots are expected, with about 1/2 a foot of rain.
Some people are saying that Hermoine is small, and we don't have to worry about her. But I know that even small can pack a real wallop. Hermoine, even when seeming sweet and innocent, could turn dangerous at a moment's notice. I know this... I read all the Harry Potter's!
We will post tomorrow during the storm to keep people apprised of the situation.