Full Sun and Full Moon

While Ronald decided to spend the day at the library, Charlena, Kyle, and I spent the day at St. Augustine beach with Bobby, KJ, and their two kids, Howard and Adlyn.  The weather was absolutely amazing. It was very warm, but not quite hot. A strong breeze was blowing off the Atlantic all afternoon while we played in the sand, sat and chatted. 

Kyle & Bobby got out Bobby's pack raft and took turns going surfing with it. Meanwhile I, Charlena, and KJ made plans for the Bahamas this coming winter.

It's a pretty awesome beach on Anastasia Island, and they allow 4x4 vehicles on the beach.  We still have our Expedition, which is full-time 4-wheel drive so we were able to drive down the beach to a quiet area and set up right next to the trucks (Bobby & KJ have a 4x4 pick-up).

After the beach closed at 8 we headed out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Turns out we were thinking of different restaurants however, but a few text messages got that sorted out. So we had to wait about 15 minutes for them to show up, but some Mexican appetizers kept us company while we waited.

We are now back at the boat, under a beautiful moonlit sky. It's mostly clear, but there are scattered wispy clouds that keep passing in front of the moon. It's so totally a horror-movie moon tonight, but in this warm, breezy tropical environment, nothing could be further from a horror-movie.

You simply couldn't get better weather than we had today.