To Be, or Not To Be (a hurricane)

A category 1 hurricane is defined by having 1-minute sustained winds of 72 to 82 knots, and 10-minute sustained winds of 64 to 72 knots.  Unfortunately our wind meter doesn't record sustained winds. It shows what the current wind is, and what the maximum reached was.  That maximum during last nights storm was 77 knots, or 142 km/h. I know it held those speeds for more than a minute, but don't know what the 10-minute sustained speed was.

Before the storm hit, we got some heavy rain around 7pm. Here is a shot of during the rain, where we can't see the land any more, and another shot facing the same direction 19 minutes later once the rain passed.


Our only damage was a broken pulley that let go with a bang while we were lifting the dinghy up.  We had got most of the water out of the dinghy, but I guess it wasn't quite enough. Luckily the deck and boat was saved from the impact of this pulley because it was stopped by the hardest thing on board, the Captain's head.

It appears that in storms like this, some boats do not fair as well as others. The first picture is to show their dinghy after the rain. Ours was similarly about half full of water, but since ours is an inflatable we did not have to worry about it sinking.


Meanwhile, Cedar just curled up with Sonic and went to sleep.
Meanwhile, Cedar just curled up with Sonic and went to sleep.