The Beautiful ICW

The ICW, or Intra-Coastal Waterway, is 1095 miles of "toll-free canal" from Norfolk, Virginia to just south of Miami, Florida. It is a series of rivers and lakes that are connected by short canal sections along the east coast of the US.

While parts of the ICW run through developed areas or even cities, there are also large stretches (in Florida at least) that look untouched by man.  One could travel for an hour and fantasize that it is the 1500's and they are the first explorers to this New World.

Co-Captain at her station
Co-Captain at her station

All through the trip though, Cedar is my co-Captain. She sits on her mat beside me all day long. Every hour or so she will get up and do a circuit of the boat, making sure everything is okay. When we meet another boat and we hit the wake she will immediately sit, or lay down, until the wake has passed.

It is now 3am, so this will be a short entry (I couldn't sleep).  We arrived in Melbourne yesterday afternoon after a leisurely cruise from Vero Beach City Marina.  Kyle was piloting for quite a way so I got my camera out and was taking shots of the birds.  I am amazed at the number of Osprey's there are along the ICW.  They like to make their nests either in tall dead trees, or on top of the channel markers.  They can get a little testy when you get too close to the channel markers.

I'm heading back to bed now, have to be up in 4 hours to get Cedar to shore before we depart.