Woke up this morning to the lake covered in fog.  This was the first time I've seen fog in Florida so it was rather unique.

It was a quiet day and we weren't going anywhere so we decided to get some work done on the boat.  There was a small part on the floor that we needed to glue and then clamp. Kyle couldn't find a "C" clamp so he built his own using a set of pliers and a zip tie. It was quite ingenious so I took a picture which you can see below.

It was another grocery day so Charlena and I took the dinghy to a nearby small park that had a boat ramp. There we used the Uber app to get a car ride into town.

For those who do not know what Uber is (where have you been people!) it's a ride-sharing system. There are two phone apps. The first is Uber Driver. You can sign up for being a driver and then use this app. When you are in your car and can give people a ride you turn it on.  The other app is the Uber app used by people to hail a ride (this is the app we use). The app finds where you are, and you enter your destination, then it finds Uber drivers in the area and assigns one to you. That driver will come pick you up and bring you to your destination. The cost is calculated based strictly upon the distance travelled, and billed directly to your credit card. So you don't need to worry about having cash on hand, or giving a tip (no tips!), or anything else that you'd deal with in a taxi.  In some Uber cars you can pre-select the music you want to listen to and then that music will play while you are getting driven around.  Every Uber ride we have taken so far (about a dozen) has been people who are doing it to earn some extra cash.  So they do it after work, or in the evenings, etc. After the ride you can rate your driver (and their car, etc.) and they can also rate you.

The wait for today's ride was the longest we've ever had with Uber, all of 19 minutes. Considering we were in the middle of nowhere, that was pretty amazing. Most taxis probably wouldn't have even come out to get us. This was also the most expensive Uber trip we have taken... it was nearly $9 each way.  Did I mention that Uber is REALLY cheap?  Most rides we have used are $5 to $6 and the wait is usually 3 to 8 minutes.

Just a quick note, if you want to try out Uber then let us know. We can send you a link and you will get $15 off your first ride. Once you use your first ride we will also get a $15 credit towards our next trip (so you'll be helping us by signing up and using the service).