"True happiness is... to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca
We had an uneventful sail from Little Harbour Cay in the Berrys to Nassau. Rebecca and Kyle headed to Canada for a week as Rebecca had exams.
While they were away we rented a tiny car so we could get some errands done. If you are ever in Nassau, you should rent a car. They are so much cheaper than a taxi. A taxi to the airport from the marinas costs about $30 to $35. Well renting a car starts at about $40. So we rented this small car. It was severely under-powered, and would actually slow down when going uphill. Generally, that's not that big of a deal in the Bahamas since all the islands are flat... well, all except Nassau, that does have a decent size hill.
Coming back from the airport with all the kids
Coming back from the airport with all the kids
On May 31st Rebecca & Kyle flew back in and brought Jennifer and Annabelle. I headed to the airport to pick them up in the car. Since I was alone for the drive there I decided not to use the air conditioner, and ran with the windows open instead. What a difference! The car was quick, and responsive, and when the lights turned green it would actually GO. Once I picked them up however, I put the AC back on and we were back to the old sluggish little thing. It was the kind of car where you wanted to stick your feet through the floor boards and start running, Fred Flintstone style.
The next morning we left Nassau shortly after 9am, headed for Norman's Cay. With the wind from the south we were heading straight into the wind and the waves. It meant motoring the whole way, with the waves at a fairly short period. It was not a terrible ride, but it was certainly not the most comfortable either. Jennifer started to feel queezy so about an hour out of Nassau we changed plans and diverted to Royal Island. 
There is a chain of islands running north east from Nassau, towards Royal Island. We crossed between two islands so that we were on the north side of them and they sheltered us from the waves. With the winds now coming from the side, we put out the sails and shut down the engines. A few hours later, after a lovely sail all the way, we pulled into Royal Island's sheltered harbour and dropped anchor in the shallow east end.
The next day, after exploring the ruins on Royal Island (see the post and video about the W.P. Stewart Estate), we sailed over to Meek's Patch.
Anchoring out off the beach we spent a few days here, seeing the swimming pigs. 
We took a little side trip in to the lovely town of Spanish Wells, where we rented a golf cart for a drive around town. We showed Jennifer the whole town, and returned the golf cart 40 minutes later... it's a small town!
The visit was all too short however and on the 4th we sailed back to Nassau so Jennifer and Annabelle could fly home the next day. It's tough only seeing your grandchild for a week every few months. We will have to have them come back later this summer.