A Beautiful Old Town

We left Sister's Creek the following morning.  We wished we could have stayed an extra day, but knew we needed to keep going so we could get further south into some warmer weather. We left first thing in the morning and headed for St. Augustine, Florida. The weather was gorgeous and we spent most of our day looking at the dolphins in the distance. That stretch of the ICW was absolutely beautiful and calm, unlike the St. Johns River. It was very interesting to be on the water during high and low tide. The amazing beaches we saw created by low tide was incredible. We arrived at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina about 3:30pm that day and we reserved our boat slip until Saturday morning. St. Augustine is a beautiful town and Ronald found himself off and  about in the Town. Ronald spent most of his time at the park and looking into the St. Augustine shops. He was excited that he was able to barter down a price at one of the local venders for a key chain. He also bought a package of those disgusting flavoured jelly beans, which he later shared with Kyle.  We took in a couple of Restaurants for dinner, but primarily, Dave and Kyle did repairs on the boat. Owning a boat isn't much different then owning a house or car. There is always something to get done. Since we were here a couple of days, the guys took full advantage of that time to complete some unfinished items on the "To Do "  list before we were off again. Any apprehensions we had to Cedar adjusting to the boating life has disappeared. She sits right up there with Dave while under way. She takes in the views and other boaters going by. It is amazing how wonderful and friendly the cruisers are.