If You Could Walk A Mile...

On February 26th, 2017 Sail Quest visited Hatchet Bay on the island of Eleuthera here in the Bahamas.
We met several families and gave out 11 pairs of shoes to young children who needed sturdy, reliable foot wear. These shoes are really neatly designed to grow with the children, up to 5 sizes. With the upper part made of strong leather, and the sole made from a material similar to car tires, these shoes should last up to five years for each child, and could then be passed down to younger siblings.
Ciara and Jervez were walking barefoot with their mom coming back from the store. They were very happy to receive a pair each so that their feet won't burn on the hot ashphalt.
We also donated a stroller so that mom would not have to carry the young one around any more.
 20170226 165225 1 Ciara, Jervez
 20170226 170042 Chrishondowells
Chrishondowells was thrilled with his new shoes that now allow him to ride his bike with shoes and not barefoot.
Little Levorn now has shoes to wear while he is playing outside.
 20170226 170428 Levorn
 20170226 171037 Isaiah
Benaja was enjoying some candy while we fitted him and his younger cousin Isaiah for shoes. They also love their new backpacks that allow them to easily carry their books to school.
 20170226 173203 Benaja and Isaiah
Grantawn is the older brother of either Banaja or Isiah.
Triasen now has shoes to walk to school when he starts in grade 1 next August.
 20170226 174212 Triasen
 20170226 175317 Gabriella and Waltia
Gabriella and Waltia enjoyed receiving pink shoes to replace their flip-flops so that they have real shoes to wear to school.
We will be giving away another 14 pairs of shoes at Freeport Primary next month. 
Can you help? These shoes are not expensive. At $25 per pair they are probably less than you will pay for lunch today, but will support these children for years to come. If you can help out with one pair, or one pair per month, that would really help. Can't afford a full $25? We will take whatever you can afford.
When we give away a pair of shoes you have paid for, we will not only show the children's picture and name, but we will credit you with that gift. That way we can be completely transparent, and you will see exactly who received your gift.
So please help out if you can.