We have had many very pleasant experiences with people, businesses, and marinas. We've had a few that were not quite as good as they should have been, but we'll ingore those.

Here are the great ones.

Boat Brokers:

Tom Morton
Edwards Yacht Sales
Quality Listings, Professional Brokers
His email is his first name at the domain on the line above (leave out the "www")

Boat Surveyors:

Gary Frankovich, AMS® #749
SAMS® Foridal Regional Director
Accredited Marine Surveyor
Level I Certified Thermographer
USCG Master 100 Tons
Ph: 904-377-0475
His email is his first and last name at


Reynolds Park Yacht Center

One of the best values is at Reynolds Park Yacht Center in Green Cove Springs, Florida (a short drive from Jacksonville).  They have great workers, the marina is clean and well maintained, and the fees are very reasonable.
Situated on a former World War Two naval base, the park consists on several concrete piers, and a set of floating docks.
There is a large fenced-in dog yard. There are openings in the fence though, so be careful if your dog does not come when you call. Also there are many sand-spurs in the dog yard (and there are many outside the dog-yard too).
The club house has a large screen TV, with cable TV (21 channels). The computer area has two desktop computers with high speed internet, scanner, and free printing (yes FREE PRINTING!). There is a phone for local use as well as a full kitchen with dining area. The men's room has 2 showers. The women's also has two showers. There is a handicap washroom with shower. The laundry is in newer machines, and quite inexpensive ($1 wash, $1.50 dry). We have found the driers get too hot if set to their highest setting and can scorch clothes. Best to dry on the medium heat setting.
There is wireless high speed internet throughout the park. Along the main pier there is also wired internet, and cable TV.
A security gate keeps non-boaters off the pier.
The only drawback is that it is a fair walk to the nearest store, and you really need a car to do shopping.  But you can usually share a ride with other boaters, or there's always Uber (see below).


Palm Coast Marina

This smaller marina is located just 100 yards from the ICW at mile 803. The management really know what they are doing, and have created an excellent guide (the best we've seen) to the local area for when you arrive.  This feels like a family run place, and you really do feel welcome.

Taxi & Car Service:


Without a doubt, this is the BEST car service around.  It's like a taxi, but better.  You hail a ride with an app on your phone. Instead of professional taxi's though, you get average people who are willing to share their car with you and drive you around.  The price has always been better than a taxi, we have been able to get rides when we were well outside of town in areas where taxis just wouldn't go, and we have had better cars.  We've been picked up and driven around in Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and other fine cars. When you hail your ride you are already given the price as to how much it will cost.  When you get in the car you don't need any cash, as the Uber app on your phone is connected to your credit card and the amount is automatically debited at the end of your trip. No worrying about having cash, or how to pay, or how much to tip. There is NO TIPPING with Uber either, so the price of the ride is the amount you pay.
At the end of your ride you get to rate your driver, and leave a comment to let other people know just how great this driver was (we've yet to have a drive that wasn't 5 stars).

Do you want a free ride to try it out?  Contact us and we'll give you a referral. You will then get a $15 credit towards your first trip.  We'll also get a $15 credit when you use yours so you'll be helping us out too.  And most of the trips we've taken have been cheap enough that the $15 covers a round trip.



Operating in Fort Lauderdale, this free electric car will take you around town to where you want to go.  Friendly drivers, and a great eco-friendly vehicle. Highly recommended. Unlike Uber though, you are encouraged to tip your driver (but since the ride was free, why not!).