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Music to Calm the Savage Pirate

Those who know me well know that I have been a pirate for decades... most of my life in fact. With such a set pattern it would be hard to break that habit. And yet, there is a service that has done that.
I have tried several music services over the years and all have failings of one type or another. Either they don't have "radio stations" that play a similar selection, or they force you to use radio stations. I like the radio station style, but sometimes I prefer to just listen to one artist, or one album, and not hear similar stuff. Spotify allows me to listen to stations with a wide variety of similar music. It also allows me to select an artist, or even a particular album. It allows playing the tracks in order or randomly. Don't like one song, skip it. Unlike Pandora, Spotify allows you to skip an unlimited number of songs.
Listen everywhere, including offline
Spotify works on your computer, mobile, tablet and TV. Spotify allows you to download 10,000 songs to all your devices so you can keep playing, even when you don't have a connection. This is great when sailing around the Caribbean (or driving around town). We update our playlists when we are in a marina with unlimited internet, then can listen where ever we are.
Unlimited, ad-free music
The biggest drawback to real radio are the commercials. I have never liked commercials, radio or TV, and with Spotify I get none. No ads. No interruptions. Just music.
The best part of Spotify though, is the playlists. On Sail Quest we have created several playlists that we cycle through during the day, and we would like to share them with you.
Mozart For Morning Tea - Mozart For Morning Tea (7.5 hours): A great list of Mozart for waking up in the morning. Sit back, enjoy your morning tea and watch the sun rise over the Caribbean Sea. 

Morning Classical - Morning Classical (2.5 hours): An alternate morning wake up playlist with more variety from some of the greatest classical composers of all time.

Afternoon Relaxation - Afternoon Relaxation (12 hours): Sit back, enjoy a warm Caribbean anchorage and listen to this relaxing collection. Have a glass of wine and read a good book. It's time to relax and enjoy the beautiful world around you. 

Dinner Piano - Dinner Piano (6.5 hours): Relaxing piano music for enjoying dinner at a remote Caribbean anchorage. 

 Evening Jazz - Evening Jazz (8.5 hours): After a long day of sailing in the Caribbean, sit back and feel the cool evening breeze while listening to some cool smooth Jazz. Real Jazz playing composed music, not just randomly playing notes because they think that's music.

Nighttime Sleep - Nighttime Sleep (9 hours): The day is over, you are anchored securely in a tropical Caribbean bay. The waves lap gently on the hull, the cool breeze blows gently from shore bringing the smell of the jungle. It's night time. Sleep soundly while being rocked gently by the waves and these tunes. 

Bahamian Groove - Bahamian Groove (2.5 hours): It's Rake & Scrape at it's best. Enjoy the gin-clear water and warm Caribbean breezes while listening to native Bahamians performing the best hits of modern Bahamas. 

80's New Wave - 80's New Wave (20 hours): It's a flashback to the best of New Wave from the 1980's. Fun and lively for an afternoon Caribbean sail, or when hanging out with old friends.

We continue to tweek these playlists from time to time, so please follow and you are likely to hear new music every so often as well.