• Before use, ensure that there is enough water in the bowl to prevent the toilet paper becoming compacted at the bottom of the bowl. If the bowl is empty, move the Flush Control Lever to the Open () position and pump the handle up and down until the flushing pump is primed and water enters the bowl. Then Shut () the Flush Control.
  • Operate the pump with long, smooth strokes for efficient and easy operation.
  • During use, pump as necessary to keep the contents of the bowl low enough for comfort.
  • Use good quality hard or soft household toilet paper, but do not use more than necessary.
  • After use, keep the Flush Control Shut () and pump until the bowl is empty.
  • When the bowl is empty, Open () the Flush Control again, and continue to pump until all waste has either left the boat, or reached the holding tank (allow 10 complete up/down strokes).
  • Shut () the Flush Control and pump until the bowl is empty. Always leave the bowl empty to minimise odour and spillage.

NOTE: Do not put anything in the toilet unless you have eaten it first, except toilet paper. Do not put in: Sanitary Towels, Wet Strength Tissues, Cotton Wool, Cigarettes, Matches, Chewing Gum or any solid objects, Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Solvents of any kind or water more than hand hot.