Bahamas Waypoints
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28 January 2018

I had a really hard time finding a complete set of waypoints for the Bahamas. So I created a complete set. This ZIP file has three formats, a text CSV file, a Google Earth KML file, and a Raymarine GPX file.

The waypoints are grouped by region.

The name for each group begins with "BS", the two digit code for The Bahamas, then a hypen, then the island group name. So below is a sample of one line:

BS-Abacos,Allans-Pensacola,26 59.30n,77 41.75w,2017-02-09,16:05:35,Marker

UPDATE JUNE 20, 2019

I would like to extend a big thanks to Ted Arisaka who found 7 errors in the data.

The following corrections have been made to the file. If you downloaded the file prior to June 20, please replace it with the current file.

1) White Sound
Changed 76 58.93E to 76 58.93W 

2) Matanilla Shoal name typo as "Matanillo"

3) Lubbers Qtr
Changed 26 26.95n to 26 29.95n
4) Man Of War Cay
Changed 75 54.07e to 75 54.07w
5) High Pt Cay
Changed 23.54.10n to 23 54.10n
6) French Cay in Turks & Caicos

Changed 21 45.26N to 21 30.30N

7) Ocean Point in Abacos missing

Added 26 16.70n, 77 00.20w

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