A Whale of a Fish Tale

So we decided to go out fishing late this afternoon, and what a day!
We are only out of the channel by 15 minutes when I notice the water seems odd a hundred meters ahead. It appears like there's a grey patch of water, maybe it's just the wind is disturbing one patch. I keep my eye on it as we get closer. 60 meters and it's still an odd patch. 30 meters, and it's not wind blown surface. I ask Kyle for his opinion on what it is, and he comes up out of the cockpit to look. 20 meters and I've switched off the autopilot and begin making a turn to the right, this has to be an actual object of some sort. Then at 10 meters away I realize that the thing is moving, against the current, and crossing towards the left side of the boat. Hard turn to the right and we swing around as we pass a whale. This 8 meter long beauty passed the port side of the boat with only meters to spare as it silently glided past. We've never seen a whale before and it was really a sight to see. I am so glad I was paying attention and saw it as it had been laying directly in our path and had I not turned we surely would have hit it.
Kyle set out our fishing lines and continued east along the coast. 20 minutes further and the reel begins screaming as the something has taken the line hard. Kyle set the hook and began fighting. It took a while but he landed a 127 cm long, 9.5 kg monster of a Mahi-Mahi.  This fish is more than enough for us so we turned around and headed back in.
By 5:35 we are back docked again. Total time from untie to re-docking, one hour and forty minutes.
Massive Mahi-MahiWe would have loved to had a picture of the whale but it was so fast from the time I realized it was something of interest until it was gone that nobody had time to grab a camera. We did, however, get a picture of the fish!
Fabian (the dockmaster here at Grand Bahama Yacht Club) helped filleting this fish and showed Kyle how to do it. So we gave him a huge piece. We also gave some to Tasha. As Charlena and Kyle were bagging the pieces and freezing them, we ran out of room in the freezer. No problem, as a new sailboat had just arrived at the yacht club, so we gave the last few pieces to them. In all we gave away over half of the fish, and yet we put over 40 servings in our freezer. We're going to be having fish for a while now... yum!