The Gift of Friendship (with video)

"When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands." - Maria Shriver, Journalist

August 12th was Rebecca's 22nd birthday. Charlena and I had arranged for a special gift to be flown in to Freeport for her. We went to the airport to pick it up and left Kyle & Becky on the boat. We brought back dinner as well (from Arturo's Pepperpot), and set it up at the poolside. We called Kyle, and he and Becky walked up to the pool. When Becky arrived she noticed a person sitting near the pool, reading, with her back to us. She looked at the person, and asked "Is that who I think it is?". With that, Becky's best friend, Holly, got up and came over.

So Becky & Holly had a week to explore Grand Bahama Island, including going for a dive that Kyle went along and filmed.