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We did an amazing trip today.  We left Boca Raton for Palm Beach via the open ocean, our second time out.  We were making such great time that we went right on past Palm Beach and came in at Jupiter Inlet.  We then continued along the ICW for another 8 miles and are anchored back in gorgeous Peck Lake.

The ocean trip was amazing, not just for our speed, but for the wildlife we saw.  Unfortunately every sighting was so quick that we weren't able to get photos.

  • Dolphins. Not just swimming or breaching the surface, but jumping clear out of the water.
  • Flying fish. We saw a few to begin with, and they were being chased by...
  • Dorado (aka Mahi-Mahi). Man these fish can MOVE!  He was chasing some Flying Fish and he was fast and agile.
  • More Flying Fish. we hit a wave and it erupted with about 40 Flying Fish that flew for over 100 feet before going back into the ocean.
  • Sea Turtle.  While sailing along we saw what looked like a palm leaf floating on the surface ahead of us. As we got within 10 metres we realized it was a Sea Turtle, over a metre in diameter. It swam to the side of us then as it came along side dove down in the clear water.
  • Flying Sharks. Well, not flying, but jumping! We came across two small sharks (1-1.5 m) that were swimming near the surface that then jumped clear into the air, gave a twist and nosed back into the water. No mistaking them when they are clear of the water, they were sharks!
  • Manatee.  Yes, we've seen them before but this was the largest one yet.  In clear water it was right ahead of the boat while Kyle was standing at the bow and we went right over top, giving him a great view.

Today we travelled for 9 & 1/4 hours, over 56 miles. This was by far the longest single day distance.

We are back in the very small, very lovely, Peck Lake.  Anchored close to shore this time so we are a few minutes dinghy ride to the beach. This is the place where there is then a trail through the woods to the ocean beach. Where we are anchored we can hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach.

We also put up our wind scoop to test it out. In the pictures, it's the orange & yellow on the forward starboard cabin (Ronald's).

Sitting in Peck Lake
Sitting in Peck Lake
Sitting in Peck Lake
Sitting in Peck Lake
Everyday is laundry day
Everyday is laundry day
Close to the ocean
Close to the ocean